The coralIt’s an animal, but .a plant seems, to be hard and brittle at the same time, it’s red like blood, grows and lives in water that is the basis of life, to find the coral is not simple. I think these are all characteristics that have always even from the first poem that man knows what to Gigalmesh where we talk about a tough plant that grows in the depths of the sea that gives immortality that the coral has always interacts with the human nature to equal to gold and precious stones. On my native island of Sardegna coral was used as early as the nauraghic era and had value apotropaic. And due to it’s strong intrinsic value it has driven man to search for coral still today, a small group of men named Corallari attracted by the fascination of this strange creature, and certainly not for the short lived riches they dream of, that would drive them to dangerous deeps of 130 meters (425 feet), alone, isolated from every contact with the outside world, totally surrounded in silence and in harmony with the sea and it’s habitat makes them feel as if they are in a divine atmosphere. Every night before I go to sleep and above all if it’s a good place where I found coral , I think about what the next day has in store for me below, beyond the 100 meters (330 feet) in the darkness, the red of the coral illuminated by my high powered underwater light it’s like magic, even though I think of the rigid cold I have to endure, knowing the risk evolved , and what if tomorrow I don’t get to sleep above this bed , but these are the thoughts of the earthly person clinging to life like someone who is ill, but the coral diver has discovered another world, other visions and for him death is part of his life and loving life the way he does nothing will change, if this comes to be either on earth or in the sea he will for fill his destiny.Men in any event in their daily earthly life will always be influenced, maybe, Even unknowingly from that world that only their eyes had the fortune of seeing.

Francesco Era